By: Blonde Two

It is not often that we Blondes get a parcel through from Australia.

It is also not very often that I get blisters.

But both of these things have happened recently.

My new Meindl boots have not been quite as well behaved as my first and much treasured pair. On two different walks (one in Wales, one on Dartmoor) my silly, softy feet have developed blisters. Not the Ten Tors, shred your feet kind of blisters that we see our youngsters come home with; but a pair of small rather polite holes, one on each heel.

Small blisters they might have been, but they still hurt and I am glad that they have hardened now, and I am hopeful that I am not going to get any more. I am hopeful because the Blonde parcel from Australia contained two pairs of Armaskin Anti-Blister Socks. These socks sound very clever, they hate water on one side and love it on the other which helps to keep your feet both cool and dry. I am guessing that you have to make sure that you put them on the right way out.

Armaskin’s timing is perfect, our Blonde feet (all four of them) are on day two of our three day Silver DofE Diamond Challenge. We will let you know how we get on with the ‘fusion polymers’!

PS I like the look of the guy on the packet. He clearly is the sort of chap who can scare blisters off just by looking at them!