By: Blonde Two

Even the hardiest of walkers will admit that there are days at this time of year that are best suited to armchair walking.  A good session will leave you feeling like you have walked for hours without a single aching muscle or boots to clean.  Armchair walking requires considerably less equipment than its muddy equivalent – all you need is an armchair, a mug of tea and a walking book.

Many excellent books have been written about Dartmoor but the Two Blondes have a definite favourite.  Dartmoor 365 by John Hayward breaks Dartmoor down into 365 square miles and suggests something interesting to look for in each.  The best bit is the map at the front which you can colour in  as you find each feature (a girly but satisfying activity).  A cleverly planned walk can take in a morning coffee stop, two or three squares and a pub lunch.

At the time of writing, Blonde Two has collected 126 squares.  Dartmoor 365 is a treasure hunt for grown-ups.  The perfect stocking filler for those of you who want a bit more adventure (armchair or otherwise) in your lives.