By: Blonde Two

On Saturday afternoon, I had failed, by two thirty, in my attempts to persuade the family Blonde Two to accompany me on a Dartmoor Bimble.  Blonde One was busy. This meant that Harry-the-Jack and I set off on our own to find a walk that could safely be done in the fading light.

I know Hound Tor well (doesn’t everybody) so it seemed like a safe bet. Despite the late hour, the car park was still quite crowded when I arrived so, instead of the usual walk up to the rocks, Harry and I set off around the Hound.DSC_3225DSC_3242DSC_3243

We had a grand time investigating puddles and rocks, and I tried to take photos of the famous tor from as many angles as possible. The fading light made this difficult, but it was very interesting to see a familiar landscape from unusual angles.  It was dark by the time we got back to the car and one of us slept all the way home!