By: Blonde Two

Last weekend we Blondes really enjoyed showing off Dartmoor to our London visitors. They were a lovely bunch, really appreciative of everything, quick to help out with jobs and great company. We are definitely hoping that they will come back again.

Both of our walks were a bit on the chilly side; Sunday’s wind was by far the more cutting but the sunshine made up for it. Saturday was mostly cloudy and we decided to have lunch in a storm shelter near Drizzlecombe (clue in the name!) Mary-Ann (fellow Ordnance Survey Champion, presenter, anthropologist and all round nice person) provided a lovely four-man shelter and we managed to squash five people, five lunches, three flasks and one tall, brown labrador into it. All of which shows that five women are more enterprising than four men!

I don’t think any of us were particularly comfortable (apart from Harpo) but it’s amazing how much heat an excited (but very well behaved) labrador can give off. Harpo is an OS Champion too and great fun to spend time with. He was obviously appreciating Dartmoor, especially the poo and dead sheep!


Anyway, what with the orange Ordnance Survey hats, the orange shelter and the coordinating brown labrador, we all felt very 1970’s wallpaper!