By: Blonde Two

Contrary to popular Blonde-belief, astronauts do not eat astroturf. We Blondes have recently discovered what exactly it is that they do eat … it is Neapolitan ice-cream!

At least that is what we thought when ‘Numbers’ (one of our young leaders) brought this freeze dried ice cream along to our last expedition for us all to try.


None of us liked the powdery sweetness very much, so I brought it home for Mr B2 to sample. He takes expedition food to the extremes of lightness when he goes bike-packing, and the ice-cream very nearly floats it is so weightless. I think he quite likes it but unfortunately, the company don’t appear to do space-spaghetti or space-sausages which is what a cyclist really needs.

With all of this excitement about space food, you can imagine my disappointment when Blonde internet research led me to find out that astronauts do not, in fact, eat ice-cream at all but prefer ‘yooo-ghurt’. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this!

We Blondes won’t be packing space-ice-cream in our rucksacks just yet.  But when the call goes out for Two Blondes to plan a DofE Gold expedition in outer (or inner) space; we will definitely be the girls for the job!