By: Blonde Two

Oh to be in New Zealand
Now that spring is there.
And whoever wakes in New Zealand;
Sees a plant confusion, unaware
That bluebells who should bloom in June
And daffodils avoid;
Sit in freesia’s bright pink carpets,
With summer’s poppies there deployed.

Botanic Gardens12 Botanic Gardens11 Botanic Gardens10 Botanic Gardens9 Botanic Gardens8 Botanic Gardens7 Botanic Gardens6 Botanic Gardens5 Botanic Gardens4 Botanic Gardens3 Botanic Gardens2 Botanic Gardens1

A truly amazing afternoon exploring Auckland’s Botanic Gardens. What a treat, and thank you!

Addendum: The abundance of an NZ spring, closely followed by a sunny UK autumn has left Blonde Two in a high state of seasonal confusion. Is it Easter next?