By: Blonde Two

Have you ever been in the situation when you and your friends have planned a night-time trip to walk onto the moor in the dark, undertake some daring navigation, experience a scrabble across a stream, endure a swim (well splash) under a secret Dartmoor waterfall and scoff a feast of baked potatoes, only to find that the weather forecast might be putting a kibosh on it?

Or maybe you have experienced the weather hanging doubts over your ability to access a ‘Depths of Dartmoor First Aid’ course because you booked it forgetting that your husband is taking the 4×4 truck on a bike-packing adventure to Wales leaving you with the ‘absolutely don’t take me out on a slippy road’ MX5?


Well you aren’t a Blonde then are you? I bet Blonde One has been in exactly these situations.

Anyway, that is how my Friday and weekend are shaping up. I’m quite excited about them! I imagine that with this particular group of friends there will still be a darkness adventure somewhere even if we don’t make it up to Dartmoor. I also suspect that I will make it to my First Aid course, albeit slowly and maybe a bit late. I am taking my sleeping and bivvy bags just in case (no room to sleep in the sporty number) and have booked a night at the bunkhouse.

Who knows what will happen…

And more importantly, who knows what on earth I should pack…