By: Blonde One

Like many other words in the English language, the word ‘awesome’ has evolved and become slang. It has come to mean simply: ‘really good’. It’s a fantastic word and if said in the right way, could almost be onomatopoeic (or it might just be me that thinks that).

On Friday I witnessed something awesome in the true sense of the word. The dictionary defines it as: ‘an overwhelming feeling of admiration inspired by something incredible’. The incredible thing this time was the Young Leaders. The day was the annual training day for Bronze DofE participants. Normally we have about 12 youngsters but due to the success of the Young Leaders’ promotional campaign we had double that number. The day was entirely planned and organised by Search, Numbers and Brummie. They did everything and just kept me up to speed with their plans every now and then. I had the most brilliant day, observing experts at work.

There were numerous occasions when I was impressed by them,  here’s some examples:

Search was leading a session on first aid that was superb. He was so knowledgeable and confident. He delivered in an interesting way, answered some tricky questions and shared a wealth of really important and useful advice. Amazing!

Numbers was at one point in charge of stove safety with his group. He managed to involve even the most nervous participant. He managed (I’m not even sure how) to lead them to the edge of their comfort zone and beyond in some cases. He did this without them even noticing. I am totally confident that they now can use a stove safely. Fabulous!

Brummie turned from a Young Leader at the start of Friday to a teacher by the end. His natural ability as a teacher was astounding. He made each activity fun with his infectious enthusiasm, whilst making sure that the job got done. Superb!

We had 2 new Young Leaders with us as well and they proved to be invaluable. They stepped out of their own comfort zone throughout the day and proved that they are easily worthy of the ‘Young Leader’ badge of honour. They impressed me and the Senior Young Leaders in equal measure.

I was humbled throughout the day by the maturity and confidence of the most fantastic 17 and 18 year olds that I have ever met.