By: Blonde Two

Awesome (adjective) Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe.

Awesome has become a bit of a throwaway word, in the modern vernacular (forgive me for sounding at least a hundred), it has been reduced to meaning ‘great’. The Urban Dictionary suggests that it is a word that ‘ the Americans use to describe everything.’

B2 Eclipse

Yesterday, as Not-at-all-Blonde and I sat on a Dartmoor rock just below Sharp Tor and watched the eclipse, we experienced a little bit of original ‘awesome’. There wasn’t any strange animal behaviour, the Skylarks kept on singing, and we didn’t notice the eeriness in the atmosphere until the sun emerged from the arms of the moon; but to see two celestial beings, separated by millions of miles, dance together in such an elegant and intriguing way, was a privilege.

Eclipse 3

It was also a privilege to share the experience with my daughter and I found myself wondering later on, if we would return one day to the same rock and repeat the experience with her daughter. That, maybe would be the ultimate privilege.