By: Blonde Two

Last Tuesday I told you about how I was planning to take Mr Blonde Two’s Granfors Bruks axe with me to our DofE training week at the Exmoor Centre (which is, by the way, a near perfect place to be). I thought you might like to know how I got on; here are a few Blonde conclusions:

Axe and Wood

  1. Wood is hard.
  2. Before you axe wood, you have to saw it.
  3. Wood is hard.
  4. Rotten wood is not hard, and is therefore suitable for chopping in front of an admiring young audience.
  5. Most wood is hard.
  6. If you are going to borrow a bloke’s axe, it makes more sense to borrow the bloke as well.
  7. This is because wood is hard.
  8. Chopping wood is very satisfying.
  9. Having a campfire with your chopped wood is even more satisfying.
  10. Seeing the faces of youngsters round a campfire is enough to make you forget that the wood was hard.Campfire