By: Blonde One


In February next year I am going on a new level of adventure. I have been invited up to the mountains of Scotland with some fellow DofE and Ten Tors managers to experience new sights and skills. I will be using for the first time:

  • An ice axe. I don’t have one, but I have been promised the loan of one by a fine Welsh walking friend. I’m a bit worried about using it. I wonder if I will be able to control it. Will my arms be strong enough in time?
  • Crampons. I don’t have any, but the same fine Welsh walking friend is going to help me purchase some. I’m not so worried about using these as I’m hoping that my years of stiletto wearing will have given me some spatial awareness of what’s going on with pointy things on my feet.
  • Mountain boots. I didn’t have these, until I took the Blonde One family on a shopping trip to find some. For those of you that are uneducated (as I was) about these things, they are rated according to their flexibility. A boot rated B1 has a slight flex in the sole and can be used with a crampon rated C1. A B2 boot has little or no flexibility. I tried on B2 and B1 boots to see which I preferred and although I preferred the more girly appearance of the B2’s it seemed fairly straightforward that B1 had to have B1 boots.

The interesting thing about mountain boots is that …

  1. There are hardly any girls boots to choose from.
  2. They are a lot more expensive than walking boots.
  3. They are either almost totally black or bright clashing colours.


I don’t really like the look of my new B1’s because there isn’t a hint of blue anywhere on them; perhaps I should replace the laces with something more appealing?