By: Blonde Two

There comes a time in the life of any Blonde when she needs to fulfil the urge to go off exploring. Mum says that as soon as I could crawl I was off out of the door, on my way to see the big world.

Well the world is still big and I still haven’t seen anywhere near enough of it. So I am taking advantage my new ‘I don’t have to wait for the school holidays’ freelancer status to disappear for a while. It is Mr B2’s trip really because he is about to reach the grand age of 50. The fun thing is that he doesn’t know where we are going… but I do! You want to know where of course, who wouldn’t so I am going to allow you to ask three questions:

What are you going to pack?

Well that is a great first question because the answer really is quite confusing. If we packed all of our warm gear plus our shorts and swimsuits plus something smart and something that we don’t mind getting covered in campfire smoke, we would have the clothing  about right. I started to make a list but it was so long (and had so many maps on it) that I crossed it out and wrote ‘everything’.

How are you going to get there?

Have you ever seen the film ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’? Well that should give you a clue although we sadly won’t be able to take John Candy with us and hopefully (or maybe not) those will be pillows!

Will you be speaking English?

Almost certainly because I have the better language ability and although I have un peu de francais and ein bisschen deutsche I come over all shy when trying to engage in discourse. Of course, we might be needing another language altogether!

If you tune in to the Blonde Blog on the 10th May I should be able to give you a bit more information. That is Mr B2’s birthday you see and the excitement will be well underway.