By: Blonde Two

I know… how late can a blog be? Honestly, Blonde Two, get your act together!

Well, I was late with this morning’s blog post for a very good reason… I went sea swimming instead of sitting in bed and writing the post! It was only the second time I have swum since my operation and the joy of being back in the water again was the perfect final-stage recuperation ingredient.

The irony of swimming all winter and then missing the best June heatwave we have had in ages has not escaped me. I didn’t go down to the beach for three weeks because I knew that if I had seen the water I wouldn’t have been able to resist getting in and contravene direct orders. It was a bit choppy today but yesterday, for my first return, the water was warm and soft and as I moved my arms through the briny green water it felt as though they were slipping through moss green silk.

I had been concerned that my return to the water might have been inhibited not by my healing process but by the arrival of the much-predicted jelly fish. Jellyfish I think like warm water (sensible) and the water is certainly that at the moment. I have a bit of a thing about swimming next to something that, although admittedly beautiful, has long, stringy things that might sting you. The problem I think, is not with the sting but the long stringiness. Once I have spotted a jellyfish in the water (even a dead one) I start thinking that I am surrounded, each touch from hair, seaweed or even a friend makes me jump. I hope they hold off a bit longer, I will maybe whisper to them how pleasant France is at the moment or Nordkapp, nobody is likely to be swimming there just yet.