By: Blonde Two

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that instead of children’s fashion mimicking adult trends, things seem to be happening the other way around.  The “onsie” is a classic example – many of us have tucked small kids up into cosy all in one pyjamas with built in feet and and thought how comfy they look.  But did we really imagine that one day we would like to dress like that, not only in the comfort of our own lounges but out at parties or strolling the streets (not me but people do!)

I thought that I was immune to this rather odd trend until someone kind pointed me in the direction of the “sleeping bag suit” yesterday  Now I am a particularly cold sleeper and have rarely been warm in a tent (particularly in February) but this might just be the answer to the problem.  It does exactly what it says on the non existent tin – it is a sleeping bag with legs and arms.

There is, of course, the possibility that I fancy one of these because I have always wanted a snow suit – my daughter had a red and white spotty one I particularly envied (she was three at the time).  I have never owned one but do have the next best thing, a pair of quilted army trousers that are khaki on one side and a rather odd pink on the other – these are unflattering in the extreme but I wasn’t intending to share my tiny tent with anyone and I think they will fit inside a sleeping bag.

I know – someone is about to tell me that you are supposed to leap naked into your sleeping bag, wriggle around and then hey presto, you will be totally warm for a whole night.  It doesn’t work for me, I like as many clothes as will fit and I think I am old enough to decide when I am going to take my clothes off myself.