By: Blonde Two

On Saturday, I was Bad Blonde walking.  I did a thing to which I am ashamed to admit.  Don’t be too shocked blog reader but on Saturday with a day’s walk leading ahead of me, I completely Blonded out and forgot my waterproof jacket.

I remembered lots of other things, storm shelter, bacon sandwiches for the cold campers, big flask of hot blackcurrant, lip salve and wine gums.  All that is no excuse for leaving not just one, but two lovely waterproofs hanging in the coat cupboard.  I confessed to Blonde One just as we set out and apologise now for giving her something extra to worry about.

If any of the kids had done the same thing, I would have refused to take them up on the moors and indeed, have walked groups straight off the hills in poor conditions for the same misdemeanor.  Of course, Dartmoor, being Dartmoor, I did get caught out and the bright, sunny morning turned to icy wind and near sleet up at Higher White Tor.  Don’t ever expect the weather to stay the same for a whole day up there.  I shivered and survived but spent the day giving myself a jolly good telling off.

Bad Blonde – in your bed!