By: Blonde Two

Last week we Blondes had some problems with badly behaved hair during our photo shoot.


This is a common girl-problem on Dartmoor; but as ever, we Blondes have developed a few systems to help deal with it:

1. The Emergency-Hair-Elastic system. This involves buying a massive bag of hair elastics and fastening one to each of your bags, fixing one to the belt loops of each of your pairs of trousers, putting one in each zip pocket, leaving one in each minibus, filling glove boxes with them and fastening one around your sandwich box. That way, whenever the wind blows, you will be prepared.

2. The Baseball-Cap-System. Blonde One is especially good at this; the system requires a hair elastic (from the Emergency-Hair-Elastic-System) and hair long enough to put through the loop at the back of the baseball cap. Blonde One’s cap is so well known on the moor that she occasionally gets recognised by it.

B1 Baseball Cap

3. The Bandana-System. Bandana’s must not be in vogue this season because I have been looking round the shops for one for Not-At-All-Blonde (who looks very good in them). In vogue or not, hey are an excellent and slightly more glamorous Dartmoor look and should be encouraged. If you are feeling serious, you can tie them with the knot underneath your hair; if you are feeling a bit more frivolous, you can have a bow on top!