By: Blonde One

Having just got back from a very unusual trip, I feel the need to write about something normal to remind me that my life has not changed beyond recognition (as I started to feel). Blonde Two and I had a brilliant time exploring the area around Balcombe (pronounced Bolcum) in West Sussex.

We managed to pick the perfect walk (obviously) which included a great mix of woodland, farm fields, livestock, lanes, tracks, water and footbridges. Along the way there was plenty of architecture to admire and upon our return back to base there was plenty of interesting discoveries after a bit of research.     

Balcombe Lake was the central feature of our walk and we explored the lanes and tracks that surround it. The lake itself, even on a cloudy day, is worth stopping to have a look at. Even the resident heron found it worth a look!


There was an abundance of fingerposts making sure that we went the right way, although some were a little harder to see than others when they were hidden in overgrown hedges.

We passed Balcombe Mill which had the most beautiful outlook onto Ardingly Reservoir. Unfortunately the wheels have long gone but there was a very pleasing millstone on the way down the steps on the approach to the mill.

The heavens opened on us in the afternoon but instead of dampening our spirits it made us appreciate that heavenly smell that you get when dry warm foliage gets rained on. Everything gained a sheen which made it look even better.

It’s easy to see why this area has been designated as a Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (and why there was such a forceful response in 2012 to the proposed fracking)!