By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes have spent the last three days on Dartmoor with our Young Leaders and a lovely group of Silver Duke of Edinburgh expeditioners.  We have lots to tell you about it (of course) but this morning, in my blurry just-woken-up-after-an-expedition state, there is one thing that stands out in my memory – balls!

A quick synopsis before I turn this blurry Blonde into something fit for work:

1.  Our Young Leaders go nowhere without their rugby ball – he has a name and has been in lots of team photos.  He has been to Ten Tors Camp, walked miles on Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions and been to visit Dartmoor Rescue.  His identity must remain anonymous as he is not always well behaved and likes to be thrown over the heads of Blondes.  This week he ended up in a bog but we have a “Naughty Step” for him in the minibus.

2.  The rugby ball was jealous this week because, in honour of the World Cup, he was joined by a football.  Mr Rugby didn’t need to be jealous because Mr Football stayed on the bus for most of the time.

3.  A tennis ball was used by our Silver Team for an impromptu game of “Stick-Rounders” after their expedition had finished.  They had walked a long way so this was impressive, as was their ability to hit the ball with a rather bent, but already much loved stick.

4.  Teenage lads like to talk about balls.  And that is all I have to say on that matter!