By: Blonde One

Whilst out walking yesterday Blonde Two called me both Bambi and a mountain goat. Let me explain: I have relayed the story to her before how when Little Miss Blonde was little her very long legs kept getting in the way. We used to call her Bambi as she had not really got any control over them and running was not an easy task (sorry for embarrassing you Little Miss Blonde!). You would have thought that with such long legs she would have made a good runner but no, it was all a bit awkward really. I have never really empathised with her properly until yesterday when I decided to walk with two walking poles. I usually carry one on my rucksack just in case but never actually walk with it. My looming mountain trek in Morocco will necessitate the use of two poles so I thought I should practice! Good job I did as well – I was hopeless! My legs and arms just would not do the right thing at the right time. It was the most bizarre experience. Blonde Two spent much of the day laughing at me and waiting for me as I kept stopping to try to get myself sorted. I would have to stop and stand with both feet together and arms poised while I tried to figure out which foot would go with which arm. Blonde Two calling me Bambi is a little bit generous though as I was in no way cute and unlike Bambi and Little Miss Blonde I didn’t eventually work out what to do with my (four) limbs! Needless to say, I gave up part way through the day. I’m not quite sure what I will do in Morocco yet. Any suggestions gratefully received!

After I had jettisoned the poles I was back to my normal self and Blonde Two then decided I was like a mountain goat as I opted for scrambling routes instead of more level routes on a few occasions. I think I needed to remind myself that I was quite coordinated really after the poles, so I found myself skipping over gaps, balancing on ledges and scrambling up Tors. Normally I would choose the safest routes, especially when out with kids but yesterday I opted for the mountain goat approach. Perhaps this is the way to go in Morocco?