By: Blonde Two

These days we Blondes are lucky enough to get sent a fair amount of outdoor gear to review and tell you all about. That said, we still love a bit of outdoor gear shopping and especially love it when we find walking kit, camping equipment or outdoor clothing that is on offer or in the sale. This month we thought we would share our favourite findings with you.


Cropped walking trousers

B2 loves her Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Stretch walking trousers and would love to feel confident enough to wear walking shorts instead of walking trousers. How about a compromise with these Craghoppers  Kiwi Pro Stretch Crops from Go Outdoors? Down from £40.00 to £28.00 (with a discount card). A word of warning about ticks in this warm weather though. If you do decide to walk in shorter trousers, make sure you check the ‘dark places’ when you get home.


Backpacking rucksacks


If you haven’t been on a backpacking adventure yet this summer, what are you waiting for? B1 reviewed the Berghaus Women’s Wilderness 60+15 rucksack earlier this year and here’s its slightly smaller sister, the Berghaus Trailhead 60l rucksack, down from £115 to £85 in the Millet’s sale. Remember to pack light with this one, 60 litres is on the minimum Blonde limit when we take a tent wild camping up on Dartmoor.


Merino wool top

We know, we know, it is far too hot to even consider a long sleeved top made of merino wool, but think again. Merino wool can keep you comfortable in a wide range of temperatures and is really difficult to make smelly. It’s soon going to start being chilly again at night so, if you are considering a camping trip, we really would recommend a long sleeved merino top to keep you cosy. Cotswold Outdoor have this Icebreaker technical long sleeve crewe on offer at £63 from £85 (you can stop wincing now!)


So there we have it, some bargains for you and an excuse to look at online outdoor gear for me. We can’t promise that you won’t find any of this outdoor kit cheaper somewhere else but at least we have given you somewhere to start. Happy shopping!