By: Blonde One

When I say the word ‘bars’ what do you think of? Is it the type of bar that holds weights at the gym? This could be the case if you are in training for a particularly long distance walk and would like to be very muscly (or hench in teenage speak). Or is it the musical type of bar? This could be first thing on your mind if you are a concert pianist or a world champion whistler. Bars are very important to the Two Blondes: let me tell you why.

1. Bars on windows. This would mean that we can see Dartmoor prison. This means that we are probably planning to go to or have been to Fox Tor Cafe – our favourite starting point for a walk.

2. Bars in a pub. This would mean that we have finished a very long walk, are staying at the bunkhouse and are having a half of Jail Ale at the Plume of Feathers while waiting for our sausage and mash.

3. Bars on a weather map. This means that we are planning a walk and are checking that the isobars are not too close together – this would mean stormy weather is on its way.

4. Chocolate bars. Mars bars – a very important piece of emergency kit or a Toffee Crisp bar – the snack of choice at the moment.

So, you see, bars really are very important to the Two Blondes!