By: Blonde Two

Ok brave Blondees and Blondettes – from today until Sunday evening, the Two Blondes will have moved in together at Base Camp Okehampton.  This is our absolutely, definitely, completely favourite weekend of the whole year.  We will endeavour to keep in contact as best we can – there will be lots to tell you but, as you can imagine, not very many internet options.

If you are up at Okehampton Camp over the weekend, keep an eye out for our t-shirts.  But be warned, it might not be us wearing them.  We are still a bit shy so will be asking other people to wander around in our shirts.  Can you imagine the scene, a Blonde coming up to you, taking her shirt off and asking you to wear it for her?

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Today will be very busy.  The kids will arrive with their kit lovingly packed, we will say “well done” and then make them unpack again.  We are not just being mean, having the right kit up on Dartmoor can make the difference between safe and sad.  It is always an interesting experience checking a lad’s kit and trying hard to avoid looking at, or even worse, touching any underwear.

Then we will all squash into a couple of minibuses for the drive up to Okehampton – sardines have nothing on this achievement.  There will be a general air of excitement from the kids, a degree of stress from the adults and some singing from both parties.

Once we get there, there are a million and one things to do – registration, scrutineering (where the kids have to unpack yet again), briefing (not to do with underwear) and route card writing.  Most of these things involve people standing in long queues but there is lots of friendly chatter and sometimes even more singing.

I will be engaged in arranging my kitchen and putting up a rope to stop everyone else invading it.  Being the chef is hard work – but it does have its compensations.  Telling people what to do is just one of them!