By: Blonde One

After a week away in the most excellent Norway, I was desperate to get back to see Little Miss Blonde. Unfortunately work got on the way a little bit, but we managed to sneak in a quick picnic. It was LMB’s 21st Birthday last week and one of her presents was the hire of a beach hut for the winter. So we decided to make a quick dash for it to have our picnic. We had a really nice time and the lunch hour just wasn’t long enough. Once again it felt like someone was stealing my time!


Little Miss Blonde has already made herself quite at home with her first ‘property’. There are pictures on the wall (from the Isles of Scilly of course), chairs set out next to the table, a stove and mugs waiting for coffee, wellies in preparation for the winter walk and a beach towel just in case she fancies a swim one day.

She will be embarrassed when she reads this and discovers that I have revealed a childhood memory. When she was an even more Little Miss Blonde she liked nothing better than to set up home in the Wendy House in the garden: complete with plastic cups and plates, and chairs and tables for the teddies. A few years later (when she was apparently too old for Wendy Houses) she performed the same type of ritual in a 3 man tent in the garden, but this time the accommodation had what we call in the Blonde One family a ‘Gareth Gates Poster Shelf’!

It is very reassuring to realise that nothing changes!

(Footnote: Sorry Little Miss Blonde!)