By: Blonde Two

Whilst we Blondes were camping in Edale there was a friendly thing happening in the toilets (no, not that sort of friendly thing!) People were leaving a range of magazines and newspapers on a convenient shelf, so that others could read them.

Not all of the magazines however were to Blonde taste, we didn’t like the sound of either the shiny ‘Zest’ or the colourful ‘Gorgeous’ (I may have made that second one up) which both wanted to discuss whether or not our bodies were ‘beach ready’. Being Blonde (but not at all middle-aged), we preferred the more prosaic ‘Peak District News’ (or similar title) which told us all sorts of interesting things; none of which I can presently remember.

Upon my return from the hills, I fancied a bit of beach swimming (one sometimes has to remind oneself that one lives by the seaside). This made me reluctantly reconsider the ‘beach ready’ question, and I donned my swimming costume (which I have been wearing quite happily in the pool all winter) and stood nervously in the mirror.

The conclusion to which I quickly came, was that the days of my body being ‘beach ready’ are sadly long gone. My mind, however is as ‘beach ready’ as it was when Aunty J bought me my first red bikini during a holiday to Guernsey. So I had my trip to the beach; and the beach, I am pleased to announce, was definitely ‘Blonde ready’!

Beach 2