By: Blonde Two

I have been trying to get up to Beardown Tors (they are plural) for a couple of months now.

“But why Blonde Two?” I hear you ask, “Why do you want to go there, to the land of the wet feet, when it is raining so much?”

I am a bit embarrassed to tell you, but I should for the sake of blog-honesty …

I have just written an article about navigation for a well known Dartmoor magazine (all good so far!) The magazine article considers various places on Dartmoor and how you could use them to develop simple navigation skills (sounds fab doesn’t it?) I have suggested, using the Blonde-Powers of memory and mapping skills, that you can see certain things from certain points on Beardown Tors (all great!) But here is my problem …

What if you can’t?

What if I actually have no Blonde-Powers of memory and mapping skills, what if actual, real-life people go to Beardown Tors, in the rain, get their feet wet and can’t see the certain things at all? Will I get the Blonde sack? Will I be reported to the National Navigational Council (I don’t think that actually exists) or maybe I will have to walk, shame-faced along a line of sombre-faced, silent walkers all rigidly holding the magazine article in front of them.

Well to be fair, if it is raining, they won’t be able to see the things from Beardown Tors anyway; and if it has been raining, they might sink so deep that they can’t. I have conclusive evidence that it is never going to stop raining up there, so maybe I am safe. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t the best place to send novice navigators after all!