By: Blonde One

How often do we go onto Dartmoor and see livestock? Every time, I bet. But it’s not actually very often that I stop and think about the livestock that’s there. On a recent trip I had the pleasure of sharing the hill with a herd of fabulous Belted Galloway cattle. They are probably the most distinct of all the cattle on the moors with their smart white ‘belt’ around their middle. Upon investigation, back at home, I discovered some interesting facts about them.

  1. There is a Belted Galloway Cattle Society (UK) and a Belted Galloway Society (USA).
  2. The cattle are affectionately known as a ‘Beltie’.
  3. In the days of moving cattle by Drovers rather than motorised transport, Drovers preferred to have at least one Belted Galloway in their herd so that they could see which way the herd was going in the dark.
  4. The breed goes as far back as the 16th Century.
  5. Winston Churchill kept a herd of Belties.
  6. It is a hardy and good natured breed; perfect for living on Dartmoor.

Next time you’re up on the moors have a look at the type of livestock that you share the moors with.