By: Blonde One

I have been lucky enough this year to be able to visit two of the country’s beautiful islands. The first – the Isle of Man – was mountainous and rugged. The second – the Isles of Scilly – was calm and tranquil. Both were amazing and both will be on the list to visit again. The Isles of Scilly is a favourite of the Blonde One family and we try to visit every couple of years. It is a place of total relaxation and we often talk about moving there in the future. We stay in the same little flat with its amazing views and we spend plenty of time watching the busy harbour.


Most of our time is spent exploring the amazing beaches with clear waters and soft white sand. If the weather is good (it was for us this time) it is easy to imagine being somewhere much more exotic, until you dip a toe into the water! The sea is the coldest that I have ever been in. There is an actual scientific reason for it: something to do with the gulf stream.


It doesn’t take long to be consumed by feelings of peace and relaxation which is probably why we feel the urge to return again and again. Unfortunately, returning home always seems like a step into a huge, roaring metropolis where people rush around with hands in pockets, headphones in and noses to the ground. Our first thought upon landing in Penzance this year, as with other years, was “when can we go back?”.