By: Blonde One


The Two Blondes are often wondering about how our lives have two very distinct halves: work and Dartmoor. As we all know things are much, much better in pairs but we often marvel at how the two halves are so very different from each other. We feel like we are taking split personalities to a very new level! I have become comfortable with my two halves and have sorted things out in my head so that I don’t ever turn up on Dartmoor with patent leather stilletos or turn up to work with thermals and a survival bag. I love both halves of my world and even better is that they both include Blonde Two.

As you know recently I went up to London (in the First Class carriage of the train) in a very posh frock, met the Duke of Edinburgh at St James’ Palace and had lunch at The Ritz. This is a very new and alien extra half (told you I was no good at maths!). I don’t think I will be replicating this type of day – ever – so it does not really count as a half. I had the most amazing day and it highlighted perfectly how good we Blondes are at multi tasking. It is possible to go from the plush surroundings of The Ritz to the barren, fogginess of Dartmoor. It is possible to go from an amazingly presented champagne and elderflower mousse served on bone china and eaten with a real silver spoon to a ham sandwich served in a plastic take-away tub (can’t bring pasta as the spork is broken!) with a Toffee Crisp for dessert.

This day in London was very special for the Blonde family and will have its place very firmly cemented in the memory banks but I have to say that I love the reality and normality of Dartmoor: fog, bogs and Toffee Crisps!