By: Blonde Two

Good morning world. This Blonde had a little lie-in this morning, but I busy typing at the office now. Offices are great aren’t they? You can organise them to maximise efficiency, and hide away from the world in their purposeful surrounds.

The thing that you don’t know about my office, is that at home I have several of them and I don’t know which I prefer:

The room actually labelled ‘office’ is lovely and has a bookshelf full of walking/adventure books – easy to find quiet in.
The kitchen is cosy and good for multitasking but maybe too convenient for the fridge – too easy to snack in.
The lounge has an enormous white sofa that the sun shines onto – too easy to sleep in.
The garden has a big table next to my greenhouse – too much temptation to plant things.
The bedroom … well it has a bed, lots of pillows and a view of Dartmoor … so that is where I have stayed today … for now.

You would be amazed how many times I have talked to you from the bed-office, and how many story words I have typed there. I am in good company though; I read an article by Michael Morpurgo that suggests that he too enjoys bed-writing.

PS We Blondes promise to get out of bed if you decide to book one of our Bespoke Guided Walks (just nagging!)