By: Blonde One

I’ve had my new Berghaus Women’s Wilderness 60+15 rucksack for a while now and it’s been put through its paces quite thoroughly. It has been on some appropriate Dartmoor expeditions and I am now in a position to quite confidently say that it’s a great rucksack! Here’s why:

  1. The colour is perfect!
  2. The clips are strong and easy to clip and unclip, even with thick gloves on.
  3. For its weight of 1.77 kg, the capacity is great, even though it looks a bit like a chipmunk when the side pockets are full!
  4. It’s very comfy, even when it’s full. The shoulder straps are well padded and the BIOFIT System allows the back to flex as I walk.
  5. There are pockets in all the right places. The hip pockets are easy to reach.
  6. It was easy to pack and unpack once you had a system sorted out for what was going to go where.

Have a look at: the Berghaus website to find your own rucksack.

So, Little Miss Blonde, you have stolen/borrowed my original Berghaus, but I’m now quite happy to officially hand it over to you!