By: Blonde Two

This Blonde is back home again from her travels and naturally my thoughts are turning to the year ahead.  None of us know yet what the Two Blondes will find themselves getting up to but you do know what we stand for …

a) We both believe passionately in the importance, dare I say it … the necessity of giving young people opportunities to learn in the outdoors, to love the outdoors and to discover great things about themselves in the outdoors.

b) We have both proved ourselves prepared to give up a considerable amount of our time and energy to make sure that this happens.

c) We both work in an environment that is influenced from the top level by people that pay lip service to the values listed above but give little or no support to those who aim to promote them.  Recognition for schools that encourage outdoor learning is currently non-existent and we are measured on exam results alone.

The link below was sent to me today and I have to say that it gave me more than a few goose bumps.  I make no bones about this, Blonde One and I (along with numerous other people) have given up a lot this year, it has been tough on us and on our families, above all, it has been a challenge to fight against a national system that should be supporting us and, at times, the effort has nearly broken us.

I won’t say any more but please take the time to listen to this young lady’s opinion on the subject.  Maybe next time you hear a politician tell you that he supports young people’s personal development, you could ask him exactly how!