By: Blonde Two

You may, if you have been a Blondee or a Blondette for a very long time, remember that when the Two Blondes last visited the lovely chaps at Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue Centre, I arrived rather fashionably late.

This was down not to my love of Buckfast Abbey (the scene of my rescue by Blonde One) but to my insistence that my choice of driving route would be quicker than Blonde One’s, my failure to consult a map and my presumption that I would remember where I was going.

It was all a bit embarrassing and I have not been (and I imagine will never be) allowed to forget this navigational travesty.

We Blondes are very excited because we are going out to the Rescue Centre again today. I will not get lost this time but not because I have had any extra car navigation training.  It is because I am not allowed to go on my own, we are taking Blonde One’s minibus … probably wise, just in case!!