By: Blonde One

There’s glamping and then there’s Scilly style glamping. Everything on these islands seems practically perfect in every way and the camping is no exception. One a recent little walk I stumbled upon a tucked away field full of the most fabulous tents imaginable. They were sturdy enough to withstand the fiercest of gales (even Ten Tors style gales) and big enough to house several DofE teams.

Upon investigation back home I discovered some things about these tents that made me wish we had one for next week’s DofE expedition.

They have 3 bedrooms, all with proper beds and bunk beds. They have a fully working kitchen with cooker, running water and microwave. If it’s cold you can just get the wood burner going. When you return home after a day at the beach you can wash off all the sand in the shower. There are almost more mod cons than my house back home!


I plan to visit another day and stay a little longer!