By: Blonde Two

Part of my extreme aversion to stepping stones is my complete and utter inability to do any form of jumping. Although, these days, I have relatively non-jumpable knees, I was never very good at it and can remember running out, crying, onto the secondary school playing field instead of facing my nemesis, the high jump.

A while ago I took some great photos of Not-At-All-Blonde jumping on a Dartmoor rock near to Bowerman’s Nose and, as I was out with her for a 25th birthday walk last week (how weird that we should be the same age), I decided it was about time I got a similar photo of myself jumping.

The first rock I stood on was too high (we are talking under a foot here) and there was much havering. Then I tried to ignore rock shelves for a while and do my jumping straight from the floor. The photo below amply demonstrates my inability to get off said floor.


Things did eventually improve with a bit of jumping practice but it would appear that the heady heights of ‘big air’ are going to continue to evade me.

Plus… my right knee still hurts!