By: Blonde One

The ‘bigger’ than I am referring to here is the number of participants on expedition. I know some DofE managers take huge numbers out on expedition at one time and I am completely bemused at how they do it! For me 30 participants is a BIG group. I have never had that many out before and to say I was slightly nervous is an understatement!

Here’s the list of why it worked out:

  • Have at least one competent member of staff for every group
  • Have plenty of kit available for the teams to borrow
  • Have plenty of staff
  • Have a day off timetable before the expedition to prepare
  • Have a member of office staff to help with the pre expedition paperwork
  • Have a day off timetable after the expedition to clear up
  • Organise the trip just before a 4 day weekend so that tents can be dried and sleep can be caught up with
  • Have brilliant staff
  • Have a vehicle with you to collect ill participants and new kit to replace broken
  • Be organised
  • Have patient staff
  • Be flexible
  • And finally … have experienced staff who know DofE, the route, the area and the participants!

I was very lucky to have had all of those things!

Thank you to my superb team for making it (another) fab trip.