By: Blonde Two

As you know, yesterday the Two Blondes had planned to share a Blonde Bimble with a few of their faithful Blondees and Blondettes.  We had no idea who would come to share our walk and, to be honest, were not at all sure how the day was going to go.  As it turns out, it went like this …

We arrived at Foxtor Cafe earlier than usual feeling a little bit on the nervous side but keen to start the day with a piece of cake (shared!) and a cup of coffee.  We were wearing our Two Blondes t-shirts so were less incognito than usual.  We had so much to talk about (more on that another day), so the half hour or so up to 10.30 (Bimble Hour) went really quickly.

I think we were both aware that the other was a bit nervous so neither of us mentioned it when the clock slipped past 10.45 and we remained company less.  As people came into the cafe, we would take a look at them and either shake our heads or raise our eyebrows.  Maybe this was a bit off putting because nobody came over to say hello. At one point, a younger-than-us chap came in on his own – he did look our way but went up to the counter, bought a take-away coffee and took-it-away.  I hope were weren’t too disappointing – probably more likely that we looked weird, we were unwrapping lego men at one point (another story).

By 11.00 we were resigned to (and quite relaxed about) the fact that we were going to Bimble alone.  We started to plan a different walk when a pretty young lady walked into the cafe – we shall call her “Blonde Stranger”.  She sat down at a nearby table for a while and then asked us about our t-shirts (which by then, I had forgotten that we were wearing).  A great conversation with much laughter ensued for the next hour or so as we explained who we were and what we were doing there.  It turned out that we had some mutual Dartmoor acquaintances and shared a sense of fun.

The world of computers, blogs and general social networking is an impressive thing – we would not all be talking to each other if it didn’t exist but yesterday was a great reminder that there are other ways to get to know people.  All you need is a cafe, a couple of unusual t-shirts and a propensity for silly chatter!

Blonde Stranger, if you are out there – do get in touch again 🙂