By: Blonde Two

After our jaunt up to Brat Tor and wild swim (dip) on Sunday, Mr Blonde Two and returned to our vehicle for a well earn cuppa and a piece of Fox Tor Cafe Lemon Drizzle Cake (not all cakes deserve capital letters but this one did).

On the way back we spotted this friendly but rather strangely equipped fellow.  As you can see, he had eschewed (excellent word) the usual walkist’s (Blonde word) rucksack for what looked like the wing section of a model aeroplane.  I wished we had stopped to ask him what he was up to and where he was going to be up to it.Hang Glider 2We had seen a paraglider float (rather quickly) down off Brat Tor earlier in the day but this package seemed to be the wrong shape and not very floaty.  I have a few theories but would be interested to hear yours.

1.  He was religious kind of chap who had chosen this particular Sunday to strike a crucifixion-like pose on top of Brat Tor.

2.  His package opened up into the kind of glamping tent that we all wish we had for our rainy Dartmoor wild camping sessions.  This, of course, included a wooden floor, wood burner and chandelier.

3.  There had been a strange increase in crow population reported around the Lydford area and the Parish Council had decided that the only way to deal with this was a human scarecrow atop Mr Widgery’s cross.

All, I am sure you will agree, ideas with merit but none of them quite ring true for me.  If there are any plank-carrying, hill-climbers out there, please do enlighten me.