By: Blonde One

No, not the two blondes kind but the feathered kind! Whilst in training for our recent walking assessment the two blondes were required to learn about the birds that inhabit the moors and have since become somewhat obsessed with identifying them whilst out and about! We take delight in pointing out to anyone that will listen that we have heard the ‘cronk’ of a raven, seen the only bird to fly in a flock on the moors: the Golden Plover (I never can remember though if it is pronounced to rhyme with (a four leaved) clover or brother!), the long beak of the Snipe or the ‘sip sip sip’ of the Meadow Pipit. It is now a battle to be the first to name these birds! I have to admit that it is very satisfying to actually know without doubt what these birds are. I think there may be a twitcher in me just waiting to get out! A new fact has recently introduced itself to me that I look forward to sharing with my ever suffering walking companions: the collective noun for a group of buzzards is a ‘wake’!

Feel free to enlighten me with any other interesting ‘birds on the moors’ facts!