By: Blonde Two

Happy birthday to Blonde,

Happy birthday to Blonde,

Happy birthday dear Blonde,

Happy birthday to Blonde.

Today is my birthday (and not Gertrude’s). January 29th (sorry Mum) is a horrid date for a birthday. It always rains, it is still dark and I always have to go to work. Still, I have some birthday weekend (maybe) plans which will hopefully speed my Birthday-Workday up.

  1. An appointment with my hairdresser (in preparation for Get Outside Champion day on Tuesday). He is very patient with me, every time he asks the important hairdresser question, “Are you doing something special tonight/this weekend?” he must feel a little bit aggrieved when I answer that I am taking my lovely new locks up onto Dartmoor to be battered, blown and tied into a myriad of knots.
  2. A Friday night bivvy (to batter my hair-do). I know! I have looked at the Dartmoor weather forecast too (I have also looked out of the window); and there is going to be Yellow Rain again. It remains to be seen whether or not Mr B2 and I think the sogginess is going to be worth the adventure. We will definitely however be having a ‘picnic’ somewhere on the moor tonight. It will include all of the usual Friday favourites; a beer, some crisps, a curry and a sigh of relief. We may have to shelter our picnic and ourselves in the truck, but it will still be a certain kind of fun!
  3. A Sunday lie-in, followed by lunch, followed by a trip to Cotswold Outdoor to buy a little Blonde outdoors treat. I fancy some down booties to keep my tent-toes warm next weekend when we have our first Ten Tors camp (madness!) There is, of course, always room for another down jacket in a Blonde’s rucksack!

I will, despite what my doctor has recently told me, not be getting any older today or anytime soon!