By: Blonde One

Bigbury sky

For many years when I was young I can remember visiting Bigbury on Sea. It is a beautiful beach with a tidal causeway over to Burgh Island. If you’ve never been, it is a must. Put it straight on your ‘To Do’ list.

I have just revisited after far too long for Little Miss Blonde’s birthday. I was pleased with this birthday request for many reasons: I haven’t been for ages and it reminded me that it’s the simple pleasures in life that create special moments and memories. Little Miss Blonde could have asked for expensive presents or elaborate days out or parties, taking months of planning and saving for. But no, she was happy with a trip to Bigbury, some wellies, a picnic blanket and a cup for digging. We spent several hours there towards the end of the day. We almost had the place to ourselves and we were treated to the most amazing looking skies.

After some splashing and paddling, some digging in the sand, a bit of walking, and some relaxing we all decided that it was far better than any costly and fancy birthday could have been.