By: Blonde Two

Last week, whilst we Two Blondes were driving the lanes of Dartmoor on the trail of our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition youngsters, we noticed that all of the Dartmoor animals seemed rather relaxed.  The sheep were sleepily sheepish, the ponies were prostrately poised and the cows were quietly composed.  It was as though Herr Bach himself was there indicating that his sheep should safely graze.  If you don’t know what safely grazing sheep sound like, here they are


The suggestion that cows lie down when it is going to rain is an interesting one. A quick bit of internet research turned up a wide range of ideas on the topic from scientists proving that the folklore is right to a suggestion that cows legs are porous and absorb moisture from the damp pre-rain air, thus rendering the poor animals unable to support their own body weight.

It didn’t rain on this animal relaxation day and we Blondes have our own theory (of course).  Farmers of old were very hard working but sometimes, like everyone else, wanted a day off.  In order to avoid having to go out in the rain, they used to tell their wives that the cows were lying down and couldn’t be moved until they were less tired. Thus the connection between rain and lying down cows was made!