By: Blonde Two

As you may have noticed, both Blondes love words.  We have words that we favour;

Bimble – awarded a capital letter because of its alliterative relationship with “Blonde”. For example, “My favourite Blonde Bimble takes in a cross, a tunnel and a kink.”

Bog – to be avoided in life but relished in text.  Sounds impressive in the same sentence as “blog”.  For example, “The bog trotting Blondes, picked their way through the treacherous world of the WordPress blog.”

System – to denote any place in which things can be usefully and sensibly placed.  For example, “I have put my house key in your system.” meaning “I have placed my house key into the passenger door pocket of your Landy.”

We have words that we hate;

Moist – you will have to ask Blonde One about this one.

Juxtaposition – again, ask her, I just know that I am not allowed to use it.

Amber – simply because of the recent weather.  For example, “I am sorry guys, I am going to have to cancel yet another training walk because of the amber wind warnings.”

We are learning some great dialect words (well I am, B1 is a true Devonian);

Dreckly – specifying no particular time span.  As in answer to the question, “When will we be back at the minibus?” (usually asked half an hour after leaving the minibus).

Dimpsy – my personal favourite.  For example, “The Blondes had to turn on their torches for the return journey as it was getting dimpsy”.

A Bit Like It – I am reliably informed that the wind and rain that the Blondes avoided on Dartmoor yesterday was, “A bit like it.”

But our favourite is making words up;

Blondette/Blondee – anyone who is kind enough to read our blog.

Blondicity – a general reference to the cause of any silly deed or misdeed.  For example, “It was my Blondicity that led me to lose the Rescue Centre.”

Flampaguous – I have no idea what that one means but I really like it and shall find a meaning for it sometime soon.

Mr Shakespeare was apparently well known for making words up.  We use some of them still today so I have great hopes …