By: Blonde Two

Not-At-All-Blonde very generously offered to come and help me to deliver seed to Dartmoor yesterday.  This is a bit like delivering coals to Newcastle except that you get less muck on your hands.Grassy HandsOr so we thought.  As it turns out, if you choose to sprinkle grass seed in the pouring rain, a fair amount of said seed will remain stuck to your fingers, your palms, your watch, your sleeves … some will inevitably end up in your cup of tea, some will be found up your nose and some will float away down the river.  I am desperately hoping that most of Ranger Bill’s grass seed ended up where it was supposed to.  Here is a picture of a bit that did.Fire Pit GrowthWhat you see above is the area of a fire-pit that our youngsters cleared and reseeded a few weeks ago.  Not-at-all-Blonde and I added a bit more seed to fill in the gaps.  Soon you will never know that there was ever a fire pit there; which is just as well because sadly, we found at least two new ones.