By: Blonde Two

Well Blondees and Blondettes, today is “Black Friday”.  I think this is something to do with shopping and getting good deals (maybe a Blonde who is promoting a Christmas book should know this). Whatever it means, I really don’t like the term and anyway, this Friday is not black, this Friday is Blonde!

Tonight we Blondes, along with all of the local Duke of Edinburgh leaders, will be celebrating the achievements of our fantastic youngsters and watching them receive their awards.  It is always a great evening  and a reminder of why we Blondes do what we do.

This year (thanks to the dedication and hard work of Blonde One) we have had Bronze, Silver and Gold successes.  We have run expeditions on Dartmoor, Exmoor and the Isle of Man.  There have been mist, rain, blisters, sore shoulder, wet tents, cows, sheep, singing, triumph, disaster and an unanticipated heat wave; and we have all survived! I suspect that it wasn’t just the youngsters who learnt some interesting things about themselves in the process.

I haven’t seen some of these young people for a while and it will be great to catch up and find out how their futures are shaping. It is always a thrill to think that we have played our small part in forming those futures.

And then there will be drinks and curry. Although, this year, not too many drinks for the Two Blondes as we have our book launch at the Visitor Centre in Princetown tomorrow and will need to be on our very best behaviour!

If you can’t make it up to Princetown tomorrow, you can get your copy of The Dartmoor Christmas Tree on Amazon