By: Blonde Two

It is that ladder thing again; it has definitely been the summer for them. July saw Mr B2 and I climbing a Scottish one, August had both Blondes ascending Jacob’s and Blonde One found me a tor with a ladder as September approached.

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

Blackingstone Rock (335 metres) was part of our most recent Dartmoor 365 exploration, and despite my adrenaline levels at the steepness of the staircase up the side, it was my favourite part of the day. None of the other visitors seemed perturbed by the stairs. They climbed them quickly, without making a girly fuss and in flipflops. My ascent necessitated walking boots, hiding behind Blonde One and some very deep breathing!

Blackingstone Rock

I do have to say, however, that the views from the top were worth every bit of shakiness. I must have stayed for all of two minutes, long enough to look at each view and admire the rock basins, but not so long that I had time to panic about getting down again.

Blackingstone View

Another unusual tor that is off the beaten track, but well worth a visit. Guess which one of us was brave enough to stand at the top and take this photo!Blackingstone Ladder Top