By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes like to have a very equal stake in things. If one of us does something exciting it will instantly be shared with the other, if one of us gets something new the other will get envy until we have one ourselves (new car for instance). So you see this is a very balanced friendship and any deviation from this causes some concern: we are slightly concerned that B2 will be in New Zealand whilst I am in Morocco this summer!

I have long been concerned that I am not pulling my weight with our blogging. You may have noticed that B2 posts every day (she really must be supervised when making New Year’s resolutions!) and she is also the IT genius (there is a very good reason that there aren’t usually photos on my blogs – I can’t do it!). I have been feeling guilty for a while now and I took the opportunity while we were on expedition this week to broach the subject with her. Luckily (and obviously) B2 soon put my mind at rest. Apparently I provide the ‘blog fodder’! I like this phrase a lot and am happy to adopt this as my official role. So I will continue to be a DofE Manager, continue to drag B2 out after work for a (not so) quick walk and I will continue to do stupid things: for the good of the blog!