By: Blonde Two

Did you know that since Two Blondes started in October 2012, we have published 1347 blogs posts? At around 300 words each, my Blonde calculations put that at (pause for calculator) around 404,000 words. You all deserve prizes for reading that number of posts (obviously we have won prizes for writing them!)

People often ask me, “How do you think of something to write about every day?” Usually the answer is easy; either I have been outdoors doing something interesting anyway, or the need to write a post has driven me outdoors to find something interesting to do. Either way, it is pursuit that leads to bodily and brain health (I would recommend it).

I can honestly say that today is the first day that I can ever remember having a bit of a Blonde-Blog-Blockage! So I thought I would hand things over to you. Below is my planned day and a few options for posts; all suggestions welcome!

  1. I will wake up (yes, I can now blog in my sleep) at 6.30 and gaze from my bed at a NZ garden.
  2. I will breakfast in my pyjamas with Norm.
  3. I will don the jumpsuit of pinkness.
  4. I will startle the plumber in the jumpsuit of pinkness.
  5. I will hitch up the trailer and clear some more bits of tree out of the paddocks.
  6. I will say ‘hello’ to the cows.
  7. I may bonfire but it looks like rain.
  8. I will assist Norm in the creation of a ‘Christmas Dinner’.
  9. I will chat to friends and consume said ‘Christmas Dinner’.
  10. I will go to bed and await inspiration from you!