By: Blonde Two

Because Gold Duke of Edinburgh trips are all “out of area”, the rules (we Blondes love a rule) insist that the teams have an “acclimatisation” day before they start their expedition. Ours was on Saturday and proved to be quite an introduction to the quirkiness ( and the very friendly people) of the Isle of Man. Here are the Blonde Spots:

  1. Yet another trip to the supermarket (I haven’t fed teenage lads for a while, they eat a lot!).

  1. A visit from our Isle of Man expedition assessor. We made him a cuppa to soften him up but he seemed nice anyway and is apparently in charge of the weather here on the island (doing a good job so far, the Blondes have sunburn and Blonde One’s UV monitor is proving interesting).

  1. A minibus drive along part of the famous TT Route (Blonde One is particularly enjoying this). The aim of this was to show the youngsters parts of their route but the mist was down so low that we had trouble seeing the road let alone the hills on either side.

  1. A wander along the promenade in Peel. Peel has beaches that are the right colour even on a rainy day.

  1. An ice-cream, obviously an integral part of a promenade walk. We didn’t really get a choice about this as we were beckoned in by a slightly odd but very lovely lady who told us that she was offering the last chance to buy an ice-cream.

  1. A magic show, not usually an integral part of a promenade walk. The ice-cream lady’s husband was a magician and when she found out what the youngsters were doing on the Island, she persuaded him down from his afternoon nap to entertain us with elastic bands, squashy balls (the lads had plenty to say about that) and a fake spider that made Blonde One squeal.

  1. An opportunity to watch a lifeboat tow a stranded pleasure boat in through a very narrow harbour entrance.

  1. The chance to chat to a pair of coastguards who told us a few tales of rescues. One of them was the man in charge of all the signposts on the Isle of Man walking routes (the youngsters have since been impressed with these).

For a first full day, I am sure that you will agree that this one was pretty full. Things are continuing thus and we are having a grand time being tourists. I will tell you more tomorrow.