By: Blonde Two

Did you know dear Blondees and Blondettes, that Two Blondes Walking has now reached its official first anniversary?  Our very first blog post was written on November 14th 2012.

I have to say that I now can’t imagine a life without a blog to write.  Life becomes much more interesting when you spend it looking for things to share with other people.  If you haven’t got anything to say then you have to go out and find something.  This has led to the Two Blondes going walking much more often in our quest for regular “blog fodder”.

We are still undecided about what to do in the New Year.  The Two Blondes definitely won’t stop walking or blogging but we have been discussing some alternative formats and ideas.

I will admit that it can be a hassle having to sit down and write something entertaining (hopefully) every single night.  Even harder when your day job expands to fill 60 or so hours a week (this is currently true for both Blondes).  It is not easy either, when your hobby involves being in the middle of nowhere, to have the web access necessary for daily blogging.  This is particular true when you are Blonde enough to drop your smart phone down the toilet.  How ironic that a phone that has survived Dartmoor weather, damp camping and an earthquake should come perilously close to its final demise down my upstairs loo.

I have heard that discipline is good for one (and Two) so we will keep going.  I am proud that we have got this far and determined to meet our December 31st goal.  So far, it has been a fabulous year and we have made some new friends that we wouldn’t otherwise have met.  It would be terrible now to admit defeat – and although this pair of Blondes may be lacking in many things, we have determination in abundance.

So, happy anniversary to us Two Blondes.  We met at Okehampton Camp one very wet May morning over a bacon filled frying pan, our friendship was cemented on a day that included a broken ankle and some expert hand-holding at Red Lake but Two Blondes Walking was born on a long hike out from Princetown.  A walk we return to again and again whenever the world needs sorting out.  All of this on our beloved Dartmoor. What a great place to forge a friendship!