By: Blonde Two

Banana RucksackLast week, some of you gave me good advice about what to replace my current, rather ancient looking emergency rations with.  Suggestions included everything from jam sandwiches (haven’t had one of those in ages) to chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake.  I haven’t done the shopping for replacements yet but am looking forward to the prospect.

One very good suggestion was a banana.  Now I would agree that bananas are a fantastic outdoor food – a picnic in its their own natural wrapping (no, don’t drop the skin on Dartmoor).  I, however, have a rather poor history of banana management and have ruined many things, including my favourite Icelandic hat by leaving them next to bananas for too long.

Some kind soul suggested a banana holder and my lovely Mum found one sitting around her kitchen (it is that sort of a kitchen) and sent it to me.  As you can see from the photo, it looks quite the macho hiking thing on the back of my rucksack.  You may also have noticed that it is bigger than the average banana (stop it!)  On opening the holder, I found that Mum had solved the overcapacity problem by including a banana shaped note which said “Small Banana” one end and “Chocolate Bar” the other.  Mothers think of everything!

So thanks to my Mum.  Do you think that if I start talking about down sleeping bags, she will find one of those at the back of her special kitchen cupboard too?